"Where We Stand?" Lara Bohinc's "Utopia" comes to life in the Miami Design District, offering a visionary blend of art and functionality.

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Renowned designer Lara Bohinc clinched the prestigious Miami Design District’s 2023 Annual Design Commission for her compelling installation featuring functional sculptures. The immersive exhibit brings to life a sustainable vision of urban living, crafting public spaces that seamlessly blend the realms of humanity and nature. 

Lara Bohinc, founder of Bohinc Studio, has not only made a significant impact on the Miami Design District with her acclaimed concept, "Utopia," but has also captivated visitors at the entrance of the prestigious international collectible design fair, Design Miami/, starting from December 5, 2023. In collaboration with the Design Miami Curatorial Lab, Bohinc's installation of functional sculptures aligns with this year's theme, "Where We Stand," featuring three clusters of public spaces designed to encourage encounters and contemplation on the world that surrounds us.

BOHINC UTOPIA  - Miami Design District

In front of the Design Miami exhibition, an installation steals the spotlight with a vibrant array of furniture pieces. Among them are the coral-colored Synchronicity three-seater sofas, raspberry Utopia armchairs, cyclamen Beginning coffee table, and tomato red Friends side table. These friendly and dynamic sculptures evoke living objects, seamlessly spreading across the district with a kind yet mysterious presence. 

Utopia, an immersive installation of functional sculptures by Bohinc Studio, marks their inaugural public commission in the U.S. Spanning four installations, these sculptures feature irregular, bulbous forms reminiscent of growing cellular organisms. The lively and dynamic sculptures continue their mysterious presence, mushrooming across the district.

The colorful and tactile sculptures include outdoor seaters, tables, and imposing 3-meter-tall light sculptures strategically placed for intimate and comforting resting places. Among the installations are a constellation of 900 egg-shaped birdhouses interspersed among tree branches, providing colorful refuge and shade for local wildlife. A centerpiece 2-meter tall egg-form adds a playful touch for small children, and at night, the solar-powered sculptures come to life, creating an atmospheric luminous glow.

Hand-painted in vibrant pastel hues, such as pistachio, aqua, lavender, cherry blossom, and eggshell blue, Bohinc’s designs pay homage to Miami’s architectural color palette. They bring elements of playfulness, functionality, and comfort to the outdoor areas. Focused on environmental issues, Bohinc’s pieces are crafted from cork, a natural, waterproof, and eco-friendly material. The sculptures invite passersby to interact with their functional forms, clustering together to conceptualize a utopian future that encourages a deeper connection with the natural world. Enlivening the public spaces, these organic objects become a living thread, engaging with native trees and architecture to create a place of reflection.

Lara Bohinc expresses her honor at receiving the Miami Design District’s Annual Design Commission, highlighting the rewarding process of creating sustainable and colorful forms. The collaboration with the Miami Design District and Design Miami/ Curatorial Lab has brought forth innovative and thought-provoking installations, transforming the Design District during Art Week. 

The Miami Design District Commission, now in its 9th year, annually invites creatives to enliven the neighborhood during Miami Art Week. The Utopia installation will remain publicly installed until mid-2024.

About Studio Bohinc:

After a ten-year tenure with Cartier, delving into sculpture through jewelry, Lara Bohinc transitioned to crafting functional pieces. Captivated by this larger canvas after private commissions, she founded her studio in 2016, focusing on object and furniture design. Utilizing diverse materials like wood, glass, metals, marble, ceramics, and textiles, the studio creates iconic pieces blending traditional craftsmanship with modernity. Bohinc's contemporary design practice centers on merging function with modern aesthetics, driven by a fascination with deconstructing and reconfiguring forms in exquisite materials. Her signature style embodies a harmonious mix of boldness and lightness, graphic precision, and fluidity, and angularity with femininity.