Terrasza BCN 2023 logo

The first international exterior design project debuted from Barcelona.

TERRASZA BCN 2023 took place from October 16 to October 28, 2023. The event was part of the BDW OFF program during the Barcelona Design Week. One of its distinctive features was free access, offering everyone interested the opportunity to freely enjoy the new outdoor design circuit.
TERRASZA made its debut in Barcelona as the first international itinerant project exclusively dedicated to Exterior Design. Born in the heart of the city, a symbol of design and outdoor living, it took shape online with the launch of the TERRASZA Phigital Platform, a groundbreaking milestone in the market and the first entity exclusively devoted to this sector.
TERRA-SZ-A draws inspiration from a play on letters, paying homage to the Catalan capital. The word 'terrazza,' symbolizing the joy of gathering with friends and family in a welcoming outdoor space, is spelled with two 's's in reference to Barcelona. Additionally, it embraces the 'z' as found in Spanish Castellano and Italian, emphasizing the project's origin and the background of its founders.

TERRASZA BCN 2023 showcased the finest products and services for outdoor spaces, both in private and public settings. Leading companies in the outdoor living sector collaborated with renowned designers from around the world. This exceptional event connected various locations throughout the city, such as showrooms, hotels, and public spaces, providing an unparalleled experience of dedicated showcases, installations, product exhibitions, and cultural encounters.

TERRASZA BCN 2023 is an unmissable opportunity for all those interested in the outdoor world, creativity, and innovation. With an international approach, this inaugural edition promises to set a precedent in the industry, positioning itself as the global reference platform for Exterior Design. Whether you are a professional in the field, or simply passionate about outdoor living

TERRASZA BCN 2023 offers a remarkable experience and the chance to be part of shaping the future of Exterior Design on a global scale.

--> The logo and image of TERRASZA were designed by the Spanish product designer and illustrator Ángela León. Ángela has illustrated architecture books and collaborated with museums such as MAXXI in Rome and the Civic Museums of Florence. Currently, she balances her international editorial work with community projects in Madrid.

* Juan Cabello Arribas - Adjunct Professor at IE (Spain). Architect researcher in the practice of the Architectural Project connected to ecological mediation. Postdoctoral Researcher at DPA PUC-Rio.