When design meets innovation and craftsmanship: the award-winning urban furniture collections of Benkert Bänke

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When design meets innovation and craftsmanship: the award-winning urban furniture collections of Benkert Bänke

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Benkert Bänke presented its award-winning urban furniture collections at TERRASZA MILANO 2024.Known for over 30 years for its high-quality outdoor furniture, Benkert Bänke produces urban design elements in Germany that embody true craftsmanship, innovative technology, and 100% recyclable materials. The company's goal is to perfectly harmonize aesthetics and functionality in every seating or furniture piece. With a profound understanding of form and color, Benkert Bänke meticulously creates furniture that is not only functional but also visually extraordinary.

Each product reflects the philosophy that true beauty lies in the harmony between form and function. The furniture is designed, through many individual work phases, to be an aesthetic asset not only in urban spaces but also in natural environments.

Benkert Bänke always remains true to its core promise: to create high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly products. Thus, it is not only synonymous with furniture but with a lifestyle that unites aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability. The commitment is recognized by the numerous international design awards the company has received, awards that testify to the innovation and aesthetic understanding inherent in every piece of the brand's furniture.At TERRASZA MILANO 2024, visitors greatly appreciated the proposals, all very colorful and weather-resistant, such as the "infinite" modular bench Linesca with infinite possibilities.

 The individual stainless steel elements and connection pieces allow for almost any seating shape, expandable at any time, paving the way for limitless creativity and truly unique configurations. Not only the wide choice of colors but also the infinite combination possibilities of the elements convince all the way. Indeed, the Linesca series has already won several design awards, including the Paris Design Awards 2023, the SIT Furniture Design Award 2023, and the German Design Award 2024, as well as Chalidor 700.

At the Garden of Alik, the headquarters of the Alik Cavaliere Artistic Center, everyone tried out the lounger from the Chalidor 700 series, a collection of urban furniture that exudes unique elegance with its flowing lines and curves. Made from premium stainless steel, this furniture is not only an aesthetic attraction but also weather-resistant, sturdy, and easy to clean. Its unusual shapes in stainless steel add that something extra to any outdoor space. Chalidor 800, whose bar furniture and a living set were on display, is a collection characterized by visually light but objectively robust lines. The combination of circular and vertical lines allows the forms to grow together like a sculpture. Far from the classic design language, the result is furniture with a strong character.  The Chalidor 400 chairs can be connected to each other to transform into benches, allowing for a customized seating arrangement based on the most diverse needs. Whether opting for a palette of vibrant colors or a discreet design, with the chairs and stools, one can take advantage of maximum design freedom. All Benkert Bänke furniture is made of stainless steel, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, in Germany. But in Milan, the company, keeping pace with the latest developments in ever-advancing technology, opening up new possibilities for the design and realization of creative ideas, also brought an absolute novelty.

Benkert Bänke, a pioneer of innovation and precision, has once again pushed beyond the boundaries of large-format 3D printing technology, allowing the creation of large-scale projects that would not be possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

The combination of innovative technologies and high-quality materials enabled the company to create a sunbed that was previewed in Milan: Ontigo 10 embodies the fusion of advanced design and sustainable production. Made from recycled PET reinforced with fiberglass, it is not only extremely stable and durable but also 100% recyclable. An approach that underscores BENKERT BÄNKE's commitment to environmental respect and sustainability.