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Point, where Craftsmanship, Innovation and Sustainability meet
The Alicante-based outdoor design brand Point, winner of the 2019 National Design Award and ambassador of Spanish design, is presenting its collections at TERRASZA BCN 2023, the new international phygital platform for outdoor design.
In October 2023, at the headquarters of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC), this century-old company, in collaboration with Agora, joins the TERRASZA initiative and presents the new Origin collection, designed by Mario Ruiz, winner of the 2016 National Design Award. Origin is a tribute to artisanal production and Mediterranean simplicity. Inspired by minimalism, all the designs in the collection are designed to last and blend into any environment. The collection consists of tables, sofas, loungers, armchairs and chairs, all of which can be stacked. The structure of all the pieces is made of powder-coated aluminium, a material chosen for its durability and for being 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, which supports POINT's commitment to sustainability.
 Point - Origin by Mario Ruiz - Agora
Origin along with other collections such as City, Summer and Long Island, by the French designer Christophe Pillet; or Paralel by Gabriel Teixidó have become emblems of the brand and the best representatives of Spanish design.
The history of POINT began more than 100 years ago at the hands of master craftsman José Pons Pedro. Three generations later, this family business has transformed its legacy into an international brand, synonymous with the best design, research and savoir faire.
Based in Alicante, Point has become one of the most acclaimed outdoor design brands on the international scene thanks to its collections, in which the influence of Mediterranean design, artisan production methods and its passion for innovation at the heart of the creative process are evident.

Point - Hilton
With nearly 300 products signed by great national and international designers, POINT pieces can now be found in projects all over the world, from Australia to Mexico, via Dubai, London, Paris, Miami and Marrakech. Major international hotel firms such as Four Seasons, W, Shangri-La, The Langham or Hyatt Regency have incorporated furniture from the Alicante-based company in their properties.
In the words of Point's creative team, "Our mission is to transform outdoor spaces into oases of comfort and style, and we are committed to doing so in a sustainable and avant-garde way. Our collaborations with renowned designers and the use of sustainable materials are the basis of our continued success".
Sustainability is another key element that defines POINT's identity. All its pieces are made following the guidelines of responsible consumption, thanks to the use of recyclable materials and wood from sustainable forests of controlled logging, in addition to seeking a timeless and durable design. Its headquarters is energy self-sufficient thanks to solar energy supply.
Point - Paralel collection
The Summer collection - consisting of a chair, an armchair for the dining room and three versions of the table - is based on a revision of the traditional chair: universal, simple, functional and timeless, now seen from the point of view of refinement, technical precision and sensuality. "The decorative effect is produced here by the texture of the braiding, with which we have sought to pay homage to craftsmanship. So there is something very elaborate (handmade), very strong in design and very simple." Explains its designer Christophe Pillet. The chair is made of aluminium combined with rope and available in multiple colours. The tables, in aluminium structure and top in porcelain or compact. "This is an almost indefinite collection, classic, universal, which we define in a very light way to bring a new modernity".
This collection has won twice as many awards. In 2022, it received the European Product Design Award and its designer, Christophe Pillet, was awarded the FRENCH DESIGN Award (2021). "When I designed this collection, I tried to describe, in a contemporary way, a Mediterranean art of living, which has nothing to do with time. It is a universe where the sun and the earth come together", explained the French designer about City. A powder-painted aluminium structure is the starting point for each piece in this collection. It is joined to it by arms in teak wood -sourced from sustainable forests of controlled felling-, a backrest finished in aluminium and rope, and comfortable and soft cushions that can be personalised in both prints and colours. City consists of tables, an armchair, a double sofa and a triple sofa, all of which exude classicism and elegance.
 Point - Long Island collection
Long Island
"My aim with Long Island has been to make it as desirable, as detailed in design and as well finished as an indoor piece of furniture". Explains collection designer Christophe Pillet, adding: "I wanted to create the feeling that these pieces have always existed. Straight forms and fine lines define the silhouette of this modular collection of outdoor sofas. Thanks to its versatility, the pieces that comprise it can be an armchair, a sofa or a chaise longue, adapting to whatever each space needs. Its design, of great simplicity, aspires "to provide universal elegance and great comfort".
Since it was created in 2017, this collection has not stopped winning international awards such as the Global Excellence Awards 2018 of the International Interior Design Association, the Gold Medal of the Ibero-American Biennial CIDI of Interior Design, Design and Landscape Architecture or the ADCV ORO Award for Outdoor Furniture in 2017. Inspired by the knotted nests of berry-weaving birds, Vicent Martínez designed this collection with soft, relaxed lines to be both functional and emotional. With a meticulous finish, each piece is created by hand, knotting string by string. It consists of twenty-seven elements, from swings to tables, deckchairs, sofas or chairs, all of them with a structure that envelops and protects them. The latest additions to the collection are a dining armchair and a versatile rope table leg that can also be used as a planter or pouf. All the pieces have a powder-coated aluminium frame and the characteristic rope braiding. The possibilities for combining them are very varied thanks to their finishes in taupe, cream and black.
This collection, conceived by Gabriel Teixidó to become a classic, was awarded a gold International Design Award (IDA) in the Outdoor equipment category (2023). As the designer explains, "its characteristic element, wood, is a living material that connects well with people and brings warmth", explains its creator. At once robust and soft, his chairs, armchairs, sofas, armchairs and tables combine Indonesian teak (from controlled felling forests) and synthetic rope. They are a total of fourteen pieces to which are added a deck chair, a side table and an extendable table. Devised for gardens, terraces or porches, they also integrate easily into interiors. "It is a human collection that fits perfectly into natural environments", says Teixidó.
 Point - Paralel collection
The key to these two table legs, developed by POINT Studio, has been to start with an apparently simple design that encapsulates the POINT philosophy. They are versatile pieces of simple shapes that integrate without stridency in any environment, helping to achieve contemporary and elegant atmospheres. At a technical level, we have worked on developing the bases with an exact diameter to ensure the stability of the table.
The POINT Studio team wanted to create a piece with a strong Mediterranean character, like a sensory journey through the Aegean Sea. Sculptural in form, the precision in the braiding of the rope - especially in the curvature of the arm - and the perfection of its handcrafted finish, give the Khai dining chair a great personality. This rope weave, available in shades of nougat, taupe and black, is combined with teak wood elements from sustainably managed forests, supporting POINT's commitment to sustainability.