PLUST collection explores the plastic possibilities of the material

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PLUST collection explores the plastic possibilities of the material

Plust Collection, the thinking behind it, the projects, the designers, the techniques, the material, belongs to the new generation of design and the modern way of living. It is a project that explores the plastic possibilities of the material, presenting a new vision of the king-size vase concept, furniture, and lighting that starts from their arrangement in the environment: all Plust collections are actually usable both indoors and outdoors, a feature that fits with the use of colored, light, and resistant resins, shaped by the designers' pencils. From Odo Fioravanti to Giulio Iacchetti, from Matteo Ragni to Alberto Brogliato, each has shaped the material with their own vision, creating best-selling products.

The idea behind Plust comes from the expertise of a family business in creating plastic products for the garden and home: Plust was founded in 2007 as a made-in-Italy design brand of euro3plast Spa, a company founded in 1974 in Vicenza, a leader in the production of traditional vases, distributed worldwide, with certified and entirely Italian production.
The strategy that rewards Plust is project experimentation to create design furnishing solutions for the outdoor, constantly investing in research and development. The collections break free from current trends to move towards pure design based on the functional use of a form that simultaneously inspires and suggests new possibilities for furnishing environments.
PLUST Collection is not only a product but also a system of services to the end customer and designers, with the possibility to collaborate on both small-scale private projects and large-scale contract supplies.
The quality of craftsmanship, new technologies, and respect for the environment are visible at every stage of the product's life cycle: euro3plast has indeed obtained certifications for the highest standards of warranty and safety, as well as recognitions for innovative production systems. With the publication of the Sustainability Report, the company renews its “green” commitment, pursuing the sustainable development goals defined by the UN's 2030 Agenda.
Plust at TERRASZA MILANO 2024 exhibited some of its collections such as Boom and Fade, designed by Marco Gregori, and Gradient by MUT Design Studio.

From the collaboration with TERRASZA in 2024, other special visibility occasions for Plust's outdoor collections have also arisen. The company furnished the garden of the TRIBE hotel in Milan Malpensa on the occasion of the TRIBE DESIGN WEEK event, coinciding with the Salone del Mobile Milano.

Today, to the Boom collection, the counter and displays from the Frozen line, designed by Matteo Ragni and Maurizio Prina, have been added. These are the protagonists of the terrace bar area, where the swimming pool is also located. Additionally, Plust set up the terrace of Triennale Milano for the iF Design Student Award ceremony, which was held for the first time in Italy on June 13, 2024.

BOOM family
armchair, sofa, coffee table, low stool, pot, and table lamp
design: Marco Gregori 

Timeless design

BOOM is a furniture family designed by Marco Gregori for Plust, brand of Euro3plast. The collection, launched in 2022, stands out for its smooth, comfortable lines that create sculptural forms suitable for all settings, from public premises to private residences. Continuous research into new materials for Elements has resulted in new finishes that give the effect of natural materials with unique and original colours.
Boom family is made of special plastic mixtures that render the material texture of natural elements in five delicate nuanc-es: White, Tide, Mint, Crete and the striking White Light - a special stone effect that can be illuminated from within.

Like all Plust furniture, at the end of its life, Boom family can be recycled, thereby reducing waste in general.
The products are made of polyethylene and moulded using rotomoulding technology, which makes them durable and high-quality.

Plust expands its Boom collection - armchair, stool, coffee table - by extending the enveloping and ergonomic comfort of the seats to new additions: the eye-catching Boom Sofa and Boom coffee table with transparent tempered-glass top.
Launched in 2022, Boom is a furniture family distinguished by its soft, welcoming lines suitable for a variety of outdoor situations, from public places to private residences. At the centre of the design by Marco Gregori is the circle, the perfect geometric figure whose essential design encourages socialising and conviviality.
Boom Sofa Is an invitation to relax in pure comfort enveloped in an understated, contemporary form that complements the other items in the catalogue. Its curved shape conveys an evergreen appeal designed to last.
The items making up the Boom collection are resistant to impact, ultraviolet radiation, and all environmental temperatures. Like the Boom Armchair, the Boom Sofa is also equipped with a water drainage outlet.
Boom coffee table, the companion table to the Boom chairs, meets the needs of those who want a minimalist design and a light presence in space. The new transparent tempered-glass top adds elegance, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of settings.
Fade family
design: Marco Gregori

Informal elegance
FADE is a family of furniture that stands out for its vibrant surface and special finishes that convey the effect of natural materials such as stone and granite. The soft and welcoming lines give an informal elegance to every context, from public place to private residence.

design: MUT Design Studio
A very large lawn
Gradient grows up like grass on the meadows. By combining these furnishings, you can create striking partition walls which evoke blades of grass moved by the wind.