NOVARA Outdoor kitchens launches PURA at Milano Design Week 2024

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Novara Outdoor Kitchens chose an exceptional setting and ambassadors for the debut of the new PURA collection, designed by the CirculoCuadrado studio from Barcelona.

The presentation took place during TERRASZA MILANO, an event held in the 5vie district that attracted hundreds of visitors, clients, and collaborators who were impressed by its purity and elegant design. PURA by CirculoCuadrado has brought a series of sophisticated design solutions to the company, specializing in outdoor kitchens.

The PURA collection bases its concept on the search for straight and solid geometries. A diligent journey in reinterpreting minimalism, with particular attention to the combination of surfaces and two refined finishes in the foreground: metal and stone.

CirculoCuadrado meticulously studied the N2 concept - the origin of Novara's outdoor kitchen systems characterized by a worktop with a skirt that gives strength, creating a homogeneous, practical, and functional block - and revolutionized it with a set of finishes and shapes that leave a mark on the company's way of designing outdoor kitchens. The result is a perfect combination of technology and design Made in Barcelona.
Ismael Barajas and Maribel Caballero, from the Catalan design studio, also presented a new outdoor table. The PURA table is an essential element to complete the living space; the missing piece to complete a collection with a sober and elegant design, with lines that evoke both purity and strength, both synonymous with the collection.

Functional Design and Customization
With a minimalist and elegant style, Novara kitchens stand out for their attention to detail and perfect finishes. They satisfy the most refined tastes with designs that become the focal point of any home, creating a perfect space for both cooking and socializing.

Their practicality is based on a design that optimizes spaces and facilitates workflow. They offer spacious worktops, high-quality appliances, and intelligent storage solutions.

Novara Outdoor Kitchens offers three outdoor kitchen systems - N1, N2, and N3 - customizable with a wide choice of materials, textures, colors, and finishes. They also allow for multiple integrations, such as different types of barbecues, sophisticated charcoal grilling systems, refrigerators, or, among various options, the Novara beer dispenser, the Japanese Kamado barbecue, the pizza oven, and an innovative liftable Argentine-style grill. Novara also integrates this range of products with a professional gas barbecue, allowing for quick and efficient cooking of meat, fish, and vegetables for a perfect barbecue.

They are practical and extremely resistant kitchens, thanks to the exclusive Q-XTREM® technology, designed for nautical environments, a technological innovation that gives unprecedented resistance to the components of Novara outdoor kitchens. Also employed in luxury yachts, this technology ensures that every element is of the highest quality. Novara's Q-XTREM® production system allows for maximum customization, facilitating the creation of unique designs. The company adapts to all spaces with different measurements, shapes, and combinations to create an impeccable aesthetic capable of highlighting the beauty of any outdoor space, even by the sea.

40 Years of History

Thanks to the experience of several generations of master cabinetmakers who have created handcrafted and customized furniture over time, Auró was created in 1983, a brand specializing in high-end designer kitchens, recognized for high-quality systems and customization. Later, in 2018, Novara Outdoor Kitchens was born. 

5 Years Warranty Outdoors

With Novara, you can count on the peace of mind of a high-quality product. Novara's LifeTime Support means that the company guarantees the supply of all spare parts needed to make the kitchen look like new. Lifetime technical assistance, even beyond the warranty period, anywhere in the world.