A design icon that breaks down barriers again, this time outdoors. GAN continues its creative expansion in the design of outdoor spaces with this new collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.

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The iconic “Mangas”, conceived by Patricia Urquiola for Spanish rugs brand GAN, part of Gandia Blasco Group, which draws inspiration from the aesthetics of hand-knitted wool jumpers, has evolved through the incorporation of new materials for exploring new outdoor options. The result is the new MANGAS OUTDOOR collection of rugs, poufs and adaptable pieces.

MANGAS by Patricia Urquiola - GAN Gandia Blasco

MANGAS ORIGINAL, designed over 10 years ago, marked a step-change in rug design: through never-before-seen textures and organic shapes that broke with convention. That success, and the fruitful collaboration with Urquiola, would naturally lead to the creation of MANGAS SPACE, a more modular and abstract concept that still preserves the same warmth as the original. Both collections took on three dimensions, including poufs and pieces for creating a fully furnished space. A ground-breaking concept that was also the first of its kind.

“Outdoor designs such as MANGAS OUTDOOR are an extension of our living spaces, whether it’s for work, relaxation, or entertainment, and can help to offer a whole and cohesive experience that enhances our quality of life”, explains the designer of the collection. “I developed a close bond with GAN over our shared passion for our work. We approached MANGAS OUTDOOR as a new journey together, with empathy and a desire for growth. We wanted to create spaces that seamlessly blend together with nature, and where functionality meets aesthetics. The challenge was to achieve this through using materials adapted to the outdoors. GAN did an extraordinary job and managed to create a piece with the same volume and comfort as the indoor version.”

MANGAS by Patricia Urquiola - GAN Gandia Blasco

The warmth of pure wool was the star of the original collections through different textures, stitches, volumes and thicknesses, and the MANGAS concept keeps the warm touch in this new outdoor version through braided fibres made from 100% recycled PET that was recovered and processed in India, where the collection is handmade. Urquiola and GAN’s team of artisans in India is once again showcasing the immense potential that the traditional hand loom method has in contemporary design in MANGAS OUTDOOR.

MANGAS OUTDOOR features different models of rectangular rugs: three are dual coloured in a mainly blue, earthy brown and beige colour palette offset by mottled grey, while two others showcase a blend of the different colours of the collection with nine stripes in various thicknesses and weaves and raw, earthy tones.

“We used warm and earthy colors such as terracotta, stone gray, white and other hues that echo the natural landscape. We also incorporated pops of color like periwinkle to add visual interest”, Urquiola says.

Crafted without backing or glues, MANGAS OUTDOOR rugs have an excellent feel, much like traditional wool rugs.

MANGAS OUTDOOR also grows in volume thanks to five poufs and three modular pieces that can work on their own or be mixed and matched to create dynamic and personalised spaces. Like MANGAS SPACE already managed to achieve in interior spaces, MANGAS OUTDOOR blurs the distinction between textile accessories and furniture. Thanks to its generous size and backrest, it can be transformed into compositions such as a lounger, sectional or even a daybed.

MANGAS by Patricia Urquiola - GAN Gandia Blasco

Both the square poufs and the seating modules are made entirely of 100% PET sourced from recycled plastic bottles and filled with different densities of quick-drying foam rubber. Easy to maintain, able to withstand humidity and UV rays and featuring removable covers, these pieces are perfect for outdoor use.

“For me, it was very important that MANGAS OUTDOOR kept the same volume, richness of texture and materiality of MANGAS SPACE and ORIGINAL, but also the same comfort that those two collections provide. The challenge was to do that while using materials apt for outdoor use. GAN did an extraordinary job and managed to create a piece with the same volume and comfort as the indoor version”, explains Patricia Urquiola.

MANGAS by Patricia Urquiola - GAN Gandia Blasco

The collection’s rugs, modular pieces and poufs perfectly complement spaces decorated with contemporary and minimalist furniture, adding a touch of warmth, but they also blend easily into casual and colourful spaces. MANGAS OUTDOOR is an open and flexible collection that focuses on the celebration of craftsmanship, circular economy and comfort in equal parts.


Patricia Urquiola, 2023
Manufacturing technique: outdoor kilim
Fibre composition: 100% recycled PET
  • Rugs: 200x300cm / 6’7”x9’10”.
  • Modules: 97x124x64h cm / 3’2”x4’1”x2’1”h.
  • Poufs: 97x97x42h cm / 3’2”x3’2”x1’5”h

Colours: space brown, space white, space blue, original blue/brown and original natural.

MANGAS OUTDOOR space has won a NYCxDESIGN 2023 award in the "Outdoor Furniture Collection" category.

About Patricia Urquiola:

Born in Oviedo, Patricia Urquiola has lived and worked in Milan for the last 25 years. She attended the Faculty of Architecture at Madrid’s Polytechnic University and subsequently completed her studies at Milan’s Polytechnic University where she graduated in 1989 under Achille Castiglioni. She has been awarded Designer of the Year by Wallpaper, AD Spain, Elle Deco and Architektur und Wohnen magazines, German magazines H.O.M.E. und Häuser recognised her as Designer of the Decade 2000- 2010. She has also received the Red Dot Award and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards amongst others. Her work has been exhibited worldwide. She was the Ambassador of the Milan Expo in 2015.

About GAN:

GAN is a brand of Gandia Blasco Group dedicated to the creation of handmade rugs, poufs and accessories. Thanks to the quality of its designs and the use of innovative artisan techniques, GAN is today a reference brand with an international presence.

About Gandia Blasco Group:

Gandia Blasco Group is a Valencian family company pioneer in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture and spaces, alongside the creation and handmade production of designer rugs through its three brands: GANDIABLASCO, GAN and DIABLA. Founded in 1941 by José Gandía Blasco, its journey has been marked by constant reinvention and the promotion of design culture.

The company is chaired by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, a member of the second generation of the family and artistic director of GANDIABLASCO. Headquartered in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) and present in 75 countries, the company is in the process of expansion and carries out continuous experimentation and innovation in collaboration with renowned designers. Within the framework of its strategy of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Gandia Blasco Group is committed to the durability and circularity of its designs based on the use of recyclable and recycled materials and, through the GAN Women Unit social initiative, emphasizes in the preservation and updating of artisan techniques and in promoting the economic independence of the craftswomen communities of rural India with which the brand collaborates.