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Envisioning scenarios and locations where the chilly ambiance becomes the perfect reason to venture out and relish the surroundings, the creations from Gandia Blasco Group’s youngest brand showcase Diabla’s skill in making outdoor furniture timeless and infusing a burst of creativity and color into all kinds of spaces. This open and spontaneous approach is impervious to cold temperatures, transforming any setting into a lively and inviting experience seamlessly connected with nature.

Outdoor furniture that delves into glacial landscapes, motivated by the imminent threat these marvelous environments face and the environmental consequences that result from it.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic and from Northern Europe to Glacier National Park in Argentina, the icy white reveals its warmest and coziest face with Diabla’s inspirational proposal. The collections ARP by Made Studio, CACAO by Odosdesign, GRILL by Mut Design and PATOSO and VALENTINA UP by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco express the brand’s ingenious attitude to inhabiting the outdoors: it is not possible to admire the beauty of nature in its entirety without exploring and protecting the most extreme landscapes. And polar latitudes and glacial scenarios are no exception.

ARP in Queen Mary’s Land 

Arp by Made StudioBold and airy, the ARP collection, designed by Borja García and Laura Ros, founders of Made Studio, is full of contrasts. Along the shores of Queen Mary’s Land on the coast of East Antarctica, the ARP armchair and sofa take on a chameleon-like quality thanks to the chosen tones for the frame and textile elements, this time embracing a combination of white and deep blue ARP makes possible the melding of two seemingly opposing qualities: lightness and volume. Just as the hardness of ice merges with fluffy virgin snow, the comfort of the deep seats finds balance alongside the stability of the tubular structure, reminiscent of harp strings. It reimagines 19th-century cast-iron furniture with a contemporary approach. Simultaneously, the lightness of the backs acts as a counterbalance to the substantial presence of its total volume. The warm and textural component plays a significant role in ARP, adding charisma and comfort, and, as is customary in the entire Diabla catalog, allowing for numerous customization possibilities.

CACAO: Fearlessly Cruising the Antarctic

Cacao by Odos DesignWith CACAO and fully embracing the Diabla spirit, Odosdesign fearlessly delves into experimenting with inflatables from a sophisticated perspective within the outdoor universe. This whimsical outdoor furniture collection, masterfully crafted by Ana Segovia and Luis Calabuig, stands out with its mat-like lines inspired by a chocolate bar delicately divided into squares. Taking the invitation to explore fresh ways of savoring the outdoors seriously, we recline on CACAO, letting ourselves drift like a chunk of ice in the chilling waters of the Antarctic Ocean. Yet, this design harbors even more surprises; its structure enables a seamless transformation into a cozy lounger, reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe’s iconic “Barcelona” collection. Its inflatable, lightweight, detachable, and carefree character significantly amplifies the range of possibilities. 

PATOSO: Icy Summer in Iceland

Patoso by Alejandra Gandia BlascoIn hues of white and red, occasionally accompanied by the CALCETÍN separators, the PATOSO legged poufs inhabit an exceptionally wintry scene against the electric blue backdrop of the caves in the Vatnajökull Glacier, paradoxically emerging during the Icelandic summer. This charismatic design by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco draws inspiration from the method of the master Achille Castiglioni. It reflects on the functionality of everyday objects, giving it a new twist to create fresh associations of ideas with unexpected results. Winner of several design accolades such as the NYCxDESIGN Awards, DNA Paris Design Awards, and Archiproducts Design Awards, PATOSO is a pouf filled with viscoelastic and 100% recycled polyester fiber (ecofill) transformed into a small customizable lounge chair. Its small legs attached to a curved aluminium structure lift it off the ground, while the pattern designed to give it shape accommodates the body naturally. The uniform and compact filling of beads and foam nuggets is encased in a hydrophobic fabric cover. The backrest and aluminium structure remain concealed to let the curves of PATOSO take center stage, available in fabrics of different textures and colors.

VALENTINA UP: Patagonian Rendezvous on the Glacier

Valentina Up by Alejandra Gandia BlascoThe cushions of VALENTINA UP feel like the warmest welcome as we traverse the Perito Moreno in southern Argentine Patagonia, where an ice skyline and pristine forest paint a mesmerizing scene in the heart of the Glaciers National Park. A few years ago, VALENTINA — recipient of the Elle Decor EDIDA Spain award and the Ibero- American Design Biennial award at Matadero Madrid — made its mark in the Diabla realm, designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco. It aimed to restore the cushion to its former significance and create a lightweight furniture system with minimal elements. Today, the VALENTINA UP collection elevates itself with legs shaped like a V, mirroring the radius of the original structure’s curves. This imparts a friendly appearance reminiscent of the animal kingdom. Thus, the sofa, lounger, and armchair of VALENTINA UP stand out for their plush and generous cushions made of polyurethane foam and visco-elastic filling. The tables in the collection have a textured thermo-lacquered aluminium top.

GRILL: Geometric Presence at the North Pole

GRILL by MUT DesignGRILL, born from the first product design collaboration between MUT Design and Diabla, voyages to Alaska, the habitat of skilled Eskimos and their ingenious architectural solution: snow igloos. These igloos excel as insulators by reflecting light and heat while capturing the majority of warmth inside. Armchairs with and without arms, a sofa, a table—different pieces in the series seamlessly blend into the monochromatic white against the neutral hues of the Arctic surroundings. The GRILL designs, possessing a distinct personality and aesthetics bordering on sculptural objects, speak a visually light and linear language that conveys the essence of geometry. Crafted with thermolacquered textured square-section aluminium tubes, they captivate with their clean and architectural character, and the visual strength of their skeleton reminiscent of traditional iron grills. The extra comfort is provided by the cushions that shape the seats and backrests, all made of polyurethane foam rubber and polyester fiber covered with water-repellent fabric and made with special outdoor fabrics of different textures and shades.

A new brand with a huge experience behind it

DIABLA is a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items. The designs are typically casual, original and creative, with new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of settings and at any time of year. DIABLA is a brand with an inspiring attitude that offers creative ideas for stylish settings. The bold, colourful designs not only contribute something new, they are also the expression of new lifestyles.

DIABLA is the third Gandia Blasco Group brand, a new business adventure backed by this prestigious firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design sector. The collections are developed with the support of resources and expertise accumulated by Gandia Blasco Group in terms of the design, production and development culture that prevails in the business.