La 'Vajilla': a unique collaboration between Vajillas de Ultramar and Josep Font

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La 'Vajilla': a unique collaboration between Vajillas de Ultramar and Josep Font

The 'overseas tableware' designed by renowned designer Josep Font lands at Milano Design Week as part of TERRASZA MILANO 2024

In the 5VIE district where art and design historically merge, in the context of TERRASZA, organized during the Milano Design Week 2024, Vajillas de Ultramar presented for the first time in Italy, with an artistic installation, 'La Vajilla'. 

It is an extraordinary collection that combines the unique vision of the famous designer Josep Font with the craftsmanship of the Madrid-based pottery atelier founded by Maria José Diez and Natalia López, dedicated to the creation of delicate fine ceramic pieces. A unique collaboration that redefines the boundaries of ceramics and becomes a benchmark in the world of tableware, taking craftsmanship to new levels.

With its decorations dedicated to nature, the tableware from the 'La Vajilla' collection by Vajillas de Ultramar fuses art, haute couture and ceramics, and testifies to the adaptation of the classic motifs that define Josep Font's creative career to the world of the table. Each piece, meticulously crafted according to an artisanal methodology, reflects the characteristic lightness and movement that Vajillas de Ultramar infuses into the terracotta.

Pure white, the brand's emblematic color, serves as the perfect canvas for the six exclusive designs that make up ‘La Vajilla’ highlighting its elegance. Each of its pieces tells a unique story and stands out for its uniqueness, allowing fresh, dried flowers or plant elements to be incorporated into the bows or decorations that simulate knotted fabrics, specially created to accommodate them. Ceramic flowers and a delicate female face complete the decorations, all designs that allow the table to be set in an original and refined way. Each series is treated in every detail, allowing the design to be appreciated from all angles.

The process of transferring Josep Font's innovative ideas to earthenware has been complex and challenging.
Simulating fabrics in a rigid material has required a meticulous artisanal process and each piece incorporates endless details that give verisimilitude to the design. From the millimetrically created loops to the knots that seem to be tied to the plate. The result: a collection that reflects the dedication and experience of both teams and has provided them with an enriching experience, challenging creative and technical boundaries.

“In this collection of tableware I wanted to give a very personal interpretation, based on the study of volume, organic construction and ornamentation. Concepts that have always been present in my life. The pieces were created following a craftsmanship methodology and with attention to the smallest detail, which makes each piece unique” says Josep Font.

'La Vajilla' is a testimony to the dedication and obsession with detail that characterises Vajillas de Ultramar and Josep Font.

The complete collection, consisting of 4 pieces, including dinner plate, dessert plate, bread plate and bowl, is divided into 6 sets -Calla Lily, Bow, Flowers, Lazo Jarrón, Knot and Face- as well as 4 serving plates each with a distinct motif.

'La Vajilla' is available at

Josep Font

Josep Font (1967, Barcellona) ha iniziato la sua carriera accademica studiando architettura presso l'Università Politecnica della Catalogna, ma la sua passione per la moda lo ha portato a laurearsi in Fashion Design
Josep Font (1967 Barcelona) began his academic career studying Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, but his passion for fashion led him to graduate in Fashion Design from the prestigious School of Design and Fashion also located in Barcelona.
Josep Font's career as a designer took off in 1989 when he presented his first collection with his eponymous brand at the Gaudí Fashion Show in Barcelona. From that moment on, his creativity and innovative style highlighted him as an influential figure in the world of fashion.
Presenting collections in Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo, Paris (haute couture and ready-to-wear), New York and London.
In 2012, Josep Font assumed the role of Creative Director at Del Pozo, which catapulted him to the most prominent international catwalks. His talent and unique vision transformed the brand, consolidating it as a benchmark in the fashion industry.
Recognition for his outstanding career came in 2016, when he was awarded the National Fashion Design Award. This prestigious award not only honoured him individual achievements, but also his significant impact on the fashion world nationally and internationally.
The consecration of Josep Font materialized on June 30, 2023, with the inauguration of a retrospective exhibition at the Balenciaga Museum in Guetaria. The exhibition offered a comprehensive view of his creative evolution over the years, highlighting his unique and lasting contribution to the world of fashion.
The life and career of Josep Font are a testament to the talent and dedication he has contributed to the fashion universe, leaving a legacy that will endure in history.

Natalia López, co-founder di Vajillas de Ultramar
Natalia López, co-founder of Vajillas de Ultramar, was born in Barcelona, where she began her studies in economics and dedicated herself to the world of ballet. At the age of 17, her passion for dance led her to move to Zaragoza to join the cast of the Zaragoza Ballet, although an injury changed the course of her career. Since then, he has dedicated her entire life to fashion, art and decoration. Her international career led her to live for 20 years in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. In the fashion field, she has worked closely with renowned national and international designers such as Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, Josep Font and Loewe, to name but a few. She has also been published in renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. About ten years ago, on her return to Spain, Natalia López embarked on a new adventure by founding, together with Maria José Díez Vajillas de Ultramar, a handcrafted pottery atelier that stands out for creating delicate and exclusive pieces. Her creativity and passion for art are reflected in each creation of Vajillas de Ultramar. Its ability to fuse the elegance of fashion with the craftsmanship of the table has consolidated its position as a leader in the sector and in creativity in Spain.

Vajillas de Ultramar

Vajillas de Ultramar, an artisan company based in Madrid, dedicated to creating delicate ceramic pieces in earthenware, is made up of Maria José Diez and Natalia López.

In their almost ten-year career they have created multiple collections of tableware, from the minimalism of pure white, to the gold, through gardens and lines in soft colours, all made and painted by hand. All their work is carried out entirely by hand in two Spanish workshops.
Their catalog also includes white earthenware vases and lamps. Its pieces can be found in exclusive stores such as Azul Tierra in Barcelona or in Bungalow in Westport, Connecticut.
Vajillas has participated together with SACo (Society of Spanish Contemporary Crafts), an association of which he has been a member since its inception, in the last four editions of Madrid Design Festival, and its exhibitions have become a point of reference for contemporary Spanish craftsmanship.
The company has been present at Casa Decor and Maison&objet.
Its clients range from prestigious interior design studios to individuals who decided they wanted to surround themselves with beautiful things for their daily lives.
¨Vajillas de Ultramar's creations are characterized by lightness, a quality that we achieve by pushing the material we work with, earthenware, to the limit.

Excellence in their work leads them to create pieces of exquisite simplicity.

¨ Crafts belong to a world before the separation between the useful and the beautiful ¨ Octavio Paz

That is the world of Vajillas de Ultramar.