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Masiero offers outdoor lighting solutions designed in collaboration with renowned Italian designers, ranging from industrial to Venetian chandeliers.

Masiero is a high-end indoor and outdoor lighting company based in Treviso, whose lighting solutions for the garden are marked by a distinctive hallmark— the ability to create decorative lamps with an elegance that doesn't go unnoticed.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and exquisite finishes, they can meet every furnishing need and mood, spanning from classic to contemporary design, even in outdoor spaces. 


Among the outdoor collections 2023, Cordea by Favaretto&Partners is a modern and design interpretation of iconic industrial warehouse lights. Tee by Valerio Cometti+V12Design, a result of the search for the intersection of geometric rigor and class, is aesthetically characterized by its curved line. Drylight, chandeliers for outdoors, is designed to bring the atmosphere of Venice to gardens and outdoor spaces.

All Giardini collections 2023 are designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces, utilizing different materials to emphasize the growing importance of outdoor living in the global market. Masiero has been present for over 40 years in more than 80 countries. 


A strong point is the extensive catalog that grows yearly through collaboration with renowned designers. The in-house "project" processing, led by over forty professionals involved in every production phase, ensures attention to detail from design to assembly, painting, decoration, electrical installation, and testing with cutting-edge workshops and painting departments.

A further element of success is the focus on two key product-related issues: certification and sustainability. For some time now, Masiero has been investing considerably in certifying all of its products in order to meet the various electrical standards required by the different markets it serves.

With regard to raw materials, the company chooses suppliers who offer products and components with environmental sustainability certifications (FSC wood, resulting from responsible, sustainable production), as well as, of course, designing lamps that are repairable, and therefore can enjoy a longer lifespan, with clear advantages for the environment.

Cordea outdoor - 2023 Giardini lighting collection - Design: Favaretto&Partners

Cordea_Favaretto & partners by Masiero

Favaretto&Partners conceived Cordea outdoor lighting collection looking at the genetic code of the industrial world, but softening its rational stiffness through combinations of materials, finishes and colors: the modern design interpretation of the iconic lights of industrial warehouse.

Cordea has a bell-shaped metal body, in two sizes, surmounted by a lamellar radiator elegantly belted by an original wide rubber band available in five colour variants (Butter, Merlot, Olive Green, Baby Blue and Black) with a gold-plated brass buckle bearing the Masiero logo.

Cordea_Masiero 2

The LED lamp comes in shapes and materials designed in tune with six colours - Windy Blue, Highlands, Champagne, Canyon, Deep Black, Pure White - deliberately inspired by the colours of nature for the Tiger Drylac® painted metal body, which can be freely combined with the five colours proposed for the rubber band.

Cordea includes suspension and wall lamps in two shapes and sizes, as well as a table version with practical rechargeable battery, which thanks to the flexibility of possible combinations can be combined in groups to create warm and comfortable atmospheres in any outdoor space.

Tee Outdoor - 2023 Giardini lighting collection - Design by: Valerio Cometti +V12Design


Born from the search for the intersection of geometric rigor and class, aesthetically characterized by its curved line, the Tee lamp designed by Valerio Cometti + V12Design is inspired by the world of golf. Tubular metal stems with a round section and a cone-shaped end, painted in Tiger Drylac® white or hazelnut, cradle the luminous spheres in polyethylene delicately animated by parallel spiral incisions, a gentle decoration that seems to give the globes a slow rotation, like a dance of light signs. An organic shape reminiscent of the delicacy of the calla lily flower, depending on the Tee type, varying from suspensions to ceiling lamps to floor, table, wall, and ground versions, it is extremely flexible in usage, alone or in bunches, and modular in configurations to meet the lighting needs of any architectural space.

Tee - By Masiero

Drylight outdoor - Collezione Giardini 2023 - Design by Masiero Lab

Masiero Lab brings a theatrical note, like on a stage, with the collection of outdoor chandeliers Drylight (suspension, floor, and wall), giving gardens or outdoor areas an atmosphere, mystery, and inviting into a bubble of tranquility. Inspired by the Venetian tradition, Drylight is the first LED outdoor lighting collection capable of ensuring complete safety in any weather condition. It is the result of years of research by Masiero's R&D department, which has successfully developed technology that has effectively and definitively solved three problems that until now seemed unsolvable: protection from water and dust, resistance to stresses, wind, and other impacts, lightness, and ease of installation.


It is available in RGB-W version, with the possibility of generating an infinite range of colors and luminous scenarios, or in White version, which allows only adjusting the intensity of white light. Suitable for the most advanced home automation systems, it resists corrosion and is ideal for installation in spas, bathrooms, and pools.

Tested in salt spray, it is perfect for coastal areas and marine use. The polycarbonate structure is available in three colors: Silver Chrome, Pure White, Desert Gold.

 Tee by Masiero