Estiluz unveils TIK by botidedominicis Studio: a distinctive addition to outdoor lighting

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Estiluz unveils TIK by botidedominicis Studio: a distinctive addition to outdoor lighting
TIK is the latest outdoor lighting collection crafted by botidedominicis Studio for Estiluz.

Simplicity is juxtaposed with meticulous attention to detail. The subtle interplay of diverse shapes bestows TIK with a distinctive allure within the realm of outdoor lighting. A minimalist creation characterized by geometric purity, yet capable of imbuing its surroundings with profound visual richness.
Tik lamp by botidedominicis

The TIK collection comprises four metallic outdoor lamps skillfully playing with proportions and intersections to craft each piece: two wall-mounted and two bollards, all equipped with integral LED lighting for direct illumination. A double-layer coating -available in three colors, Pale Green, Grey Stone, and Black Anthracite- ensures high resistance to corrosion and other environmental conditions.
Tik wall light by botidedominicis

About botidedominicis Studio
Founded by Albert Boti and Andrea de Dominicis, Botidedominicis Studio emerged from a shared passion for design nurtured in Barcelona. Their collaboration blossomed from a mutual desire to leverage their professional expertise into innovative projects.
Albert Boti, born in Barcelona in 1981, pursued Industrial Design at Eina before completing a Master’s in Design of Transportation Vehicles at Elisava. He has honed his craft through roles in private companies and esteemed design studios.
Andrea de Dominicis, born in Pordenone in 1985, studied Industrial Design at the Università degli Studi in Florence, followed by additional studies at Elisava in Barcelona. Enriched by his experience in the city, he relocated there to further his career in design studios.
With a refined professional profile and complementary qualities, Andrea and Albert prioritize both aesthetic expression and technical prowess. They collaborate closely with companies and clients to create unique, timeless pieces.

About Estiluz
Since 1969, Estiluz has upheld its legacy of passion for light and mastery of metal shaping. Human values, commitment, and experience underpin their design and production of high-quality metal lamps. Estiluz strives for a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, offering decorative lamps with a rationalist design adaptable to project requirements.
Estiluz approaches lighting needs with creativity, providing original solutions through freedom of thought, experimentation, and continuous improvement. They seek harmony between functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics while maintaining their unique identity.
With over 50 years of experience, Estiluz exemplifies compromise, respect, and honesty in their relationships with people and the environment. Each day, they work tirelessly to offer timeless lamp designs crafted from high-quality materials and finishes at their manufacturing and assembly facilities in the Pyrenees. Estiluz designs, develops, and manufactures lighting products that allow for customization and seamless integration into each project.

Tik by botidedominicis