Easy, Modern, and Bohemian, Ibiza Collection by HOMMÉS Studio celebrates the island's aesthetic, energy and lifestyle which defines its signature style.

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Foil_Ibiza Collection Hommés Studio

The mystical island of Ibiza has been the perfect escape for artists, creatives, and musicians for decades. It is a place to reinvent and indulge yourself, to navigate between peaceful moments by the pool and lively soirees with friends. Ibiza is an endless party, celebrating outdoor living and an infinite connection with the wild spirit.

The furniture brand Hommés, whose life motto is introducing a Haute Couture concept in the Interior Design industry, launches Ibiza, a new outdoor furniture collection that evokes the flair of eternal dreamy Summer days.

Ibiza collection_Hommés Studio

Easy, Modern, and Bohemian, Ibiza Collection celebrates the island's aesthetic, energy, and lifestyle which defines its signature style. Hommes Studio's new outdoor designs radiate luxury and sophistication, emphasizing indoor-outdoor living and natural materials with rich moments of color.


Inspired by rocky coastlines, salty air, and organic textures, the new outdoor collection evokes the idyllic beauty and elegance of the seaside lifestyle. A lush layering of textured materials and organic shapes complements the minimalist aesthetic of the new outdoor products.

Lisola_Ibiza Collection Hommés Studio

Statement daybeds, printed parasol bases, and pool-ready accessories add a playful vibrancy to the outdoor area.

Lisola_Ibiza collection Hommes Studio

Carefully crafted with high-quality materials and tailored to provide both comfort and style. Sandy whites and earthy neutrals color palette contrast against the red terra-cotta homes, deep blue sea, and dry green landscape, offering a modern color composition with a summer flair.

Lunar_Ibiza Collection Hommés Studio