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For over 60 years, Artemide has been designing and producing light through the synthesis of humanistic vision, scientific research and know-how measured by environmental and social sustainability. Embracing the legacy of its founder Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide combines creativity and measurement, expertise and know-how, collaborating with leading Italian and international architects and designers.

For TERRASZA BCN 2023 -part of Barcelona Design Week OFF program- in a charming setting, an 18th-century complex in the Barrio Gótico, in the inner garden of the five-star Mercer hotel, Artemide presented some of its iconic outdoor lamps: "O" designed by Elemental, Come together designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, the iconic Tolomeo Paralume Outdoor Floor by Michele De Lucchi and the portable Gople by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group. Combining innovation and ancient know-how, the new collections comprise flexible, versatile proposals designed to bring good lighting into both personal and shared private and public spaces.

COME TOGETHER designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Come together Artemide

Come Together: “A perfect light and 8 hours of operation without mains power. A new 2.0 revolution.” stated Carlotta de Bevilacqua. Today, with the development of the LED technology, Come Together offers mobility and high lighting performances, comparable to traditionally powered lamps, as well as long- term independence from mains power. The profile of Come together is shaped for optical and grabbing purposes. Designed to provide maximum stability on a traditional top, it can turn into a sort of flashlight, an instrument that allows free movement. The development of the LED technology and of electronics results into excellent optical performances and long-term freedom today. The quality and quantity of emitted light is comparable to table lamps with traditional power feed. The body is an optical device obtained from a single mould. A hollow body with gradients to carry and distribute light, it works like a light pipe but is hollow to ensure lightness and display a smart use of materials. The profile is thus fit to accommodate the lighting engine. We can all design our own light in our space, wherever it is. Portable light to carry it where it couldn’t be carried before, as well as to create a new flexible set of more traditional lighting scenarios and ambiances. With their independence, quality, and the possibility to manage the emitted light, these are real instruments to experience daily lighting contexts. Freedom is thus dedicated to the individual, to a personal and limited space that, however, can be expanded to include collective spaces, where light is independent from the mains and can design flexible ambiances capable to keep up with the changing organization of spaces and the pace of activities.


Gople Artemide

The Gople family keeps growing, with new versions dedicated to different lighting design languages. It now becomes a portable lamp that offers an impressive 26-hours of running time without mains electricity. Thus, everyone can be the architect of light in their own space, wherever it may be. Gople's characteristic diffuser is made of plastic in order to withstand use across a wide spectrum of spaces and situations. Every element is designed to guarantee excellent light quality with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Long running times unplugged from the mains (8-11-26 hours) go hand-in-hand with rapid recharging times. The soft, diffused light emission can be adjusted to 3 different brightness settings to create different ambiances. It is perfect for everyday lighting scenarios in personal spaces, but also for more social moments. Minimalist and simple in its elegant shape, it becomes an ideal, flexible element for lighting bars and restaurants, where it enables an unconstrained vision for lighting scenarios and ambiances that can change freely in line with organisation of spaces. It has no protection against contact with water but its lightweight and durable design means it can accompany us outdoors too.

“O” designed by Elemental

O Artemide outdoor

“Our project for Artemide is an attempt to reconcile the needs of the natural and the urban environment. Our strategy is twofold: on one hand is to design a light for the public space that when not in use can be as imperceptible as possible; light without a lamp. On the other hand is to take advantage of different types of sensors so that light appears just when needed, light only on demand. For “O” we envision a series of discs that interfere as little as possible an existing landscape, but that when activated by people’s motion, they illuminate the adjacent space for only a limited amount of time. Darkness and Disappearance will be the contribution of “O” to nature and public spaces.” says Alejandro Aravena from Elemental studio, with Gonzalo Arteaga, Juan Cerda, Victor Oddó, and Diego Torres. “O” is an essential element which, when switched off, frames nature and suggests perspectives, constituting an unobtrusive object in space that in no way alters the existing balance. Its controlled and comfortable light emission can be adjusted with sensors and with the Artemide App to ensure focused operation, thus preventing waste and respecting the circadian cycles of all animal and plant species. Introduced in 2018 in the ground and suspended outdoor versions, today it is a perfect lighting appliance for indoor use too, thanks to a cabled option that allows easy relocation. In this case too, the IP protection grade remains suitable for outdoor use. Its lightness is not just formal: its thin aluminium profile is an element in its own right, which can be moved wherever needed, allowing multiple uses and creating a pleasant ambiance anywhere with its soft, non-glaring light. As well as the original 90-cm diameter version, "O" is developed in a smaller, 45-cm version and today also in a larger 150-cm model. “O” is thus an increasingly comprehensive family of elements that can be used to create dynamic lightscapes.

TOLOMEO designed by Michele De Lucchi

Tolomeo Mega Outdoor _Artemide

The Tolomeo family is expanded to include a new outdoor product. The light source is enclosed in a diffusing cap fitted inside a transparent IP65 plastic unit that recalls old lampposts, in use when light was produced from oil. The structural elements of Tolomeo were strengthened and consolidated to resist to the increased stress. The family is also enriched with a shade to adapt the lamp for use on terraces or in domestic outdoor locations.” says Michele De Lucchi. Once again Tolomeo is a testimonial of the uniqueness of Artemide: its design competence, technology, and care for man and the planet are simply conveyed through a product that, after 30 years, can still illuminate the future with the same impact. The iconic lamp comes in the floor, suspension, and hook version, with materials and finishes ideal for outdoor use. The family is now a more comprehensive system, capable to address indoor and outdoor, public and private needs. Tolomeo Mega Outdoor is produced in the larger size (diffuser diameter: 50 cm) to adjust to the perceptive proportions of broader and open spaces. The diffuser is coated with the Thuia fabric by Paola Lenti, a durable and washable plastic material that looks like natural jute. However, Tolomeo Mega Outdoor is designed for use without a diffuser, with the exposed opal glass diffusing unit covering the source and ensuring IP protection: in this version it looks like a traditional lamppost.

The historic lighting company's outdoor proposals also featured in a showcase dedicated to La Casa de las Lámparas in Plaza Urquinaona.


Come together

Founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1960, Artemide is headquartered in Pregnana Milanese, Italy. Artemide’s products are distributed in almost 100 different countries. With five production plants in Italy, France, Hungary and Canada, a glass furnace and a Research and Development center supported by prototype labs and cutting edge test equipment, the Artemide group employs more than 650 people, 60 of which work in R&D, a testament to the pivotal role innovation plays in the company’s success. Each of Artemide’s lights is instilled with the energy of a company that invests in research and development, supports Made in Italy, produces in Europe, and has a great reputation worldwide.