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Pedrali Nolita sofa

In the contemporary design landscape, the idea of fluidity and sharing is redefining the very concept of contract spaces, encompassing areas such as hotels, offices, public spaces, and residential settings. Ordinary room arrangements are transcended to create harmonious connections that foster dialogue and communication. Walls become flexible, spaces open up, embracing accessibility, inclusivity, and a sense of community.
The trend towards greater openness in spaces conveys an idea of limitless comfort, where indoor and outdoor environments merge, creating a unique and engaging experience that Pedrali promotes.

For over sixty years, Pedrali has been dedicated to offering comfort and hospitality, entirely Made in Italy, both indoors and outdoors. Its outdoor collections feature functional design solutions, characterized by sofas and seating with soft and water-repellent padding. Crafted from high-quality materials and fabrics with refined textures specifically designed for outdoor use, these furnishings ensure resistance to various weather conditions, ensuring well-being and durability over time.

Reva Cocoon Pedrali
Reva Cocoon, designed by French designer Patrick Jouin, is a lounge seating system for outdoor spaces characterized by soft lines and generous dimensions. Crafted from weather-resistant materials, it offers the freedom to configure in various setups to adapt to the needs of any space. High backrests, made of stainless steel and covered with a polypropylene rope weave, ensure optimal comfort and a protected environment. Handcrafted by Italian artisans, the weaving provides privacy while maintaining a lightweight and airy design.

Pedrali Nolita
Nolita sofa by CMP Design stands out for its simple and iconic shapes, featuring a steel tube frame that adds visual rhythm and solidity. Inspired by Mario Pedrali's historical origins in 1963 and his first metal garden chairs, the sofa maintains transparency and lightness, with soft cushions protected by a waterproof cover and upholstered in polypropylene fabrics for outdoor use. Its versatility allows for combining different linear or angular modules.

Pedrali Arki sofa
Arki-Sofa, also available in the "Plus" version with a deeper seat, is a lounge seating system for outdoor spaces that offers the comfort and elegance of an indoor sofa. Characterized by an extruded aluminum frame and linear shapes, it features geometric cushions and generous thicknesses, supported by a lightweight structure with elastic straps. Polyurethane foam with water-repellent cover and outdoor fabric ensures excellent outdoor performance. Stainless steel feet keep the seat raised from the ground, while backrests and armrests stand out with teak details.

Pedrali Lamorisse
Lamorisse, designed by CMP Design, is an ideal outdoor armchair. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, it accommodates a generous polyurethane foam cushion for enveloping comfort. The sober structure of the frame creates an interesting contrast with the rich and welcoming cushion, while the seat is supported by elastic straps for optimal comfort and greater resistance. The cushion, composed of multiple sections joined by zippers, allows for easy storage and handling, enabling the renewal of upholstered parts without replacing the entire product.

Pedrali Narì
The Narì armchair stems from a collaboration with young designer Andrea Pedrali on the company's 60th anniversary in 2023. Its name recalls the local folk tradition, identifying the founding family of the company, Mario Pedrali. Reinterpreting elements of the first garden chairs from the Sixties in a contemporary key, with a sturdy steel structure and weather-resistant PVC extruded weave, Narì evokes the shapes of the historic Serenella armchair with a modern design. The seat features a comfortable removable cushion suitable for outdoor use.

Pedrali Babila twist
Babila Twist, designed by Odo Fioravanti, is a small armchair characterized by a wide and welcoming seat wrapped in a polypropylene rope weave that creates light and shadow effects on the backrest. The woven shell combines with the steel tube frame equipped with slats for the seat, allowing for easy disassembly for recycling and component replacement. The draining polyurethane foam cushion on the seat ensures quick drying, covered with an outdoor suitable fabric.

Since 1963, Pedrali has combined beauty, tradition, and innovation to produce contemporary furnishings for contract and home settings. Industrial design collections are developed in Italy and made from materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and upholstery often combined with each other. Thanks to collaborations with Italian and international designers, Pedrali has received significant awards, including the prestigious Compasso d'Oro ADI in 2011 for the Frida chair designed by Odo Fioravanti. Internal production, high quality, and respect for the environment, demonstrated by numerous quality and sustainability certifications, represent established practices for Pedrali, such as the choice of certified wood from controlled forests, for which water-based paints composed mostly of plant-based resins are used. In 2020, Pedrali introduced the first "recycled grey" collections in recycled polypropylene, obtaining the ReMade in Italy® certification in 2021.