The landscaping project signed by Noelia Ferro for the GARDEN IT2 was to achieve the integration of the interior character of the house with the exterior. To achieve a visual...

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"Architects don't invent anything, they only transform reality" Álvaro Siza

The landscaping project signed by Noelia Ferro for the GARDEN IT2 was to achieve the integration of the interior character of the house with the exterior. To achieve a visual and material connection with the handicap of respecting the exterior aesthetics.

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Noelia Ferro founds herselves in a house with a spectacular interior design by Paty Pombo, and a client who wanted to build a swimming pool in an exterior completely at odds with the interior of the house. A beautiful oak tree with an imposing character, in the middle of the plot and a problem of water filtrations.

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In the interior we find a clean, minimalist character, where the white and the industrial stand out; in the exterior, exposed brick and orange colours characteristic of the urbanization in which it is located. In addition to the aesthetics, the architect was looking for something more than a swimming pool, zoning, creating completely different but interconnected environments; after studying the circulation, sunlight and the needs of the user, she has created a space that transmits calm and integrates all the elements.

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We have the main entrance area to the house where the vegetation is arranged and the canine area is prepared, a low outdoor dining room, a dining room with a pergola that filters the light, connected to the indoor living room of the house, a chill-out area with a water pond and a macro bonsai, a guest house on some terraces of vegetation and a vegetable garden; and finally the pool in which she differentiates the dry and wet solarium area, the swimming area and the bubble bench.

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"We have played with materials that remind us of nature and calm, stone, wood, corten steel, warm colours such as brown wood and green tones, combined with the anthracite of the more industrial structures. The lighting has been something very important and studied, to create these differentiated atmospheres in a calm and relaxing way," says architect Noelia Ferro.

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Noelia is an architect by profession, designer by vocation, she started in the world of architecture in 2008, in A Coruña. Her interests made her want to expand her horizons and she made the leap to the Netherlands, the cradle of urban planning and landscape architecture, Rotterdam, which brought me specialisation and internationalisation.

After four years, he returns to his origins and delves into the more technical side of architecture and site management, to specialise in what he was really passionate about and complemented his career: Global Design and Interior Architecture. 

After five years working in renowned studios, participating in national and international projects, in 2021 he embarked on a new stage and founded his own studio.

"My aim is that my designs meet the personal needs of each client, as the user of their own spaces. I am very interested in people and their relationship with indoor and outdoor environments. That everything remains in harmony and connected. My aim is to help you find the rhythm between comfort and beauty, always keeping functionality in mind."